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Lerwick PortLerwick is a well-established town that owes its success to the shelter provided by the island of Bressay, which creates the natural harbour. The port is home to many commercial vessels such as the fishing fleet and ferries, is a port of call for cruise ships and also provides support for offshore oil and gas. Comprehensive, modern facilities serve a wide range of port users at Lerwick Harbour.


Maximum Size of Vessels

205 metres alongside. Unlimited at anchorage.



The mean tidal range is 0.8 metres neaps and 1.6 metres at Spring tides. The extreme range is only 2.4 metres



UK standard conditions for towage and other services (revised 1983 and 1986) apply. Harbour Tugs available. 21.4 tonne and 24 tonne bollard pull.


Deep Water Berths

Up to 12.5 metres.


Greenhead & Holmsgarth - Lerwick

Flow Rate with 4' line is 120m3 per hr 20 Fuel Berths

Storage 10k m3



Flow Rate 60m3 per hr only 1 fuel Berth

Storage 470m3


Additional Information

For any additional port information, please contact:


Lerwick Port Authority
Albert Building


Tel: +44 (0)1595 692991

Fax: +44 (0)1595 693452

Email: info@lerwick-harbour.co.uk


Lerwick Port



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